Rendering My Life to You

The plan is to finish nursing school. He already has a high-paying career with the government. His salary takes care of our living expenses, anything I make at my job will be for both of us– any extra things we need (like school and a new car). I used to believe in enjoying life every day the best I could. That meant for me just relaxing and doing the least work possible. I don’t know that my mentality ever changed, but I’ve gotten half as far as I initially intended to go. I have noticed that the older I get, the less information i’m able to absorb. Not to say everyone is like me, but that means I have a limited amount of time to finish my education. I need to finish school before I am completely unable to absorb any new information! I am officially putting on my (life) game gear. I am going completely A-type once again because that is what it means to survive. There is no other way I will be able to survive 7 classes a week, homework, 20 hours of work per week, fitness, AND a social life. Makes one wonder how it is possible to add community service to the resume. I am happy and excited that I finally have a plan in life– I know where I am headed. I feel like a soldier who knows deployment is near– fear included. Fear of failure. I will pray every morning, then I will exercise. I will not miss a single class or assignment, and I will study after every lecture. I will not miss a day of work and I will take extra shifts when possible without missing a smile on my face. Before bedtime I will love my partner, on my days off I will visit my friends and family, and on vacations I will do community service. I can do this because with God’s help, I can be the very best me.

Every day is a brand new day

So make it count. Everything you do each day creates the person that you are. We are all made up of habits, whether good or bad, so make sure that the habits you are building every day are the good kind. Keep a check on your thoughts as well and make sure they are positive. That’s the key to becoming a positive person, many of us were negative at the beginning. The key is keeping yourself in check. You may find it difficult to turn negative thoughts into positive ones at first, but the more you practice the better you will become at it– to the point where thinking positively will just become a second nature to you. This same concept applies to building good habits. They say that you are what you eat, and not only is that true; but you also are what you think and what you do.

The mind is an intel processor

I have struggled with depression for over eight years. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and a way to put my mind at ease–I do not say that lightly. Sometimes it feels like my mind races thoughts at 100mph. You might say every female is the same way, but I assure you that not many females tend to process a train of thought that begins with a kitten and ends with the vastness of space within seconds (this happens to me often). I am not certain whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. Academically speaking, I have only ever done fair, unless you count in a 1500 SAT score and 129 IQ. But I do not disclose this to brag in any way. In fact, due to my high intel processor, which is my mind, I have labeled myself as crazy. My objective in life is to put my talents to use, for the betterment of mankind. With that being said, I humbly present to you this blog, in hopes it will help guide you through life and its challenges.